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The word ‘business’ conjures up towering offices, chrome, glass and flash suits – organisations lacking in soul. Most companies are not actually like that, but it can still be hard to differentiate and showcase your true brand values.
B-Media will support you from conception to completion to deliver a production to engage your target audience.

We take care of it all - from storyboarding and concept development through to production, editing and mastering. Use us to boost conversions, establish industry authority and ensure your message gets heard.

We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors who return to us because our videos work. We are easy to work with, intuitive and creative and skilled at showcasing your benefits in an audience appropriate fashion.

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A great result requires great planning. As Mary Poppins once said, ‘Well begun is half done’ - and although it possible she may not have been talking about video, the principle still applies!

One of our core skills is to deep dive into the purpose and audience for your video project. Knowing who should watch and what they should feel - and do - afterwards is a core part of getting the right result and the best return on your investment.

Filming & editing

Although content is, and will always be king, today's visually savvy audience are used to the high standards of production seen on TV. Your videos need to reflect that rich quality.

Our team has years of experience producing top end, award winning media across all sectors and continents. There is little we have not tackled! Our work looks and sounds great and is delivered with a fanatical attention to detail. Equipment and crew are selected to match the budget and the nature of the project.

extras (cgi, drones, animation)

We offer a range of additions to enhance your video and take it to the next level of visual engagement. Steadicam and drone operation enable shots from unusual perspectives, adding cinematic and immersive movement.  

Motion graphics bring words and diagrams on screen to life and our full range of CGI means complex products, operations or environments can be shown in ways that a real camera could never film. These premium additions make films inspiring to watch, bringing your audience in touch with your business offering.


Video streaming sites, native website embedding and social media are popular options to reach your audience but the ‘rules’ of each channel and the best way to get results frequently change.

The final resting place of your video should have been decided before the camera was removed from the bag, but the good news is that one film can be repurposed for a variety of environments. Re-purposing for different channel and audience enables the greatest reach and value from the your film-making investment.

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